Muslim Prison Gangs

Quilliam reports that Islamists and jihadis are forming powerful gangs in prisons and radicalising criminals, and there is very strong evidence to support this claim.

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  1. I think I need to nut up, go to the mosques around toronto and tell the muslims what the globalists have been using them for. Maybe I can convince them to unite against the globalist and zionists. They really hate what they've done to palestine right? and I could tell them about Isreals connection to ISIS. Make the case for how we're being played against eachother?

  2. I'm NSW Australia we have a prison that's racial segregated. It's maximum security & also has what is know as the Supermax which house mostly moselims. It been segregated since early 1990's due to a race war where approx a dozen inmates we're killed over 18 mths. Our govt at all levels tries to hide this.

  3. The last time someone was afraid of the government in my country, we took 5 decades to overthrow the bastards. And less than a decade later, we put them there again, doing the exact same thing… little hint, the fascists were/are not Commies, they pursued Commies and killed them or at the very least tortured them. Now, we're spineless to the point of talking without doing anything to change anything. At least someone did something in past generations, when things got dire. Now we bitch and moan, hoping someone else will do our job for us…

  4. I have often wondered when this was going to surface. The British & Indeed quite a few western nations have been ignoring this issue as being in the – TOO HARD BIN>
    The PRISONS all over the WEST are the Breeding ground of this so called radicalization! VERY DANGEROUS!
    COWARDS in power again lead all to WAR & DEFEAT & try to blame everyone else!

  5. Lol do you have any idea how hard it is to overdose on methadone? It only gets given to existing opiate addicts, who are going to have a high enough tolerance that its practically impossible to OD on the maximum dose they give out in UK prisons (30ml).
    Either that story was a fabrication or he was using on top of his script etc

  6. I'd love to see what kind of action all these tough-talking keyboard warriors calling you and others cowards are taking to combat this. Talk sure is cheap when it's not your ass that'll rot in prison or beaten to death for what you've said.
    What are you supposed to do? Your speech is more limited every day & you cannot reasonably wage some kind of clandestine war against such an institution. It's as if they expect you to sacrifice everything you've built in your life to satiate some bitter, myopic stranger's ideal of what "action" is.
    Again, talk is cheap. It's frankly incredibly disgusting for someone to sit safe behind their computer screen and expect others to lay down their lives for a cause which, in all probability, cannot at this point produce appreciable change. The best Britons can do is to take care of their own selves and run. What is the "British identity" at this point, anyway? You no longer own your country – it's wrong and sickening but that's simply how it is. Maybe I'm being excessively cynical about this but it seems you may as well cut your losses.
    The greater cultural war against the likes of Islam, the regressive left, and similarly toxic ideology is a global one. Stay free/alive to fight another day, even if you have to retreat.

    Take care of yourself and your family, Sargon. I think you know better than I how much worse it will get.

  7. Ha Xb sad makes it worse him knowing and saying this was probably going 2 happen seeems when things sound like there being repaired u see its just someone banging a hammer u find funnies in confusion but then realise the boiler isn't going 2 get fixed and u may lose ur mother this winter GOOD SHOW, KINDA NICE HA…POOP…DATA…8_8

  8. What is happening in prisons is just the logical extension of what Mohammed did once he came to Medina. In Mecca he tried the to convince people he was a prophet and they threw him out. In Medina he proceeded to recruit people of violence and go out and committ banditry and then use the spoils to recruit more. Basically a rationale of see what Allah has given me (booty/slaves/etc) and convincing people they could have the same by following him.

  9. 3:30 — I'm listening without much comment up to this point, Sargon, but I do have to wonder, when (if ever) you'll mention the fact that torturing Muslim extremists in prisons (to try to extract information, or any other reason) rarely, if ever, ends well.

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