Families Behind Bars

This emotional documentary follows the lives of the families and staff working with the inmates to try and break the cycle of re-offending and change lives.

HMP Norwich houses more than 750 adult inmates and young offenders, ranging from seasoned criminals to first offenders. Most of the 2,500 annual new prisoners are husbands, fathers, and sons. When coping with the harsh realities of prison life, their families are their lifeline. Nearly half will lose touch with them and a fifth of marriages will break up under the strain, yet those who manage to keep family ties alive are six times less likely to re-offend.

46 thoughts on “Families Behind Bars”

  1. There had to be more behind the stun gun and 20 months? Why would you take a good kid away from work and school over a mistake? I donโ€™t think he attacked anyone.maybe he had prior arrests on his jacket.

  2. 1:18 reminds me of my self CONTINUALLY writing I'd probably write about 3 or 4 letters every single day lol my cell mate on bunk below wud look up and say in his African language ใ€‹ใ€‹ blood clat u writing again maan ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  3. I can kinda relate to the lad with the stun gun I was put in care against my own will because my mum couldnโ€™t look after me nd the grieving you feel from missing your family is the most heart hurting thing you can ever feel

  4. Oh and damn, all that for a stun gun you know. You can easily find them anywhere online where you can buy stuff, seem them on eBay and wish. Got loads of different types on wish available for sale, I'm glad I didn't purchase any now. I've seen those little cheap one, they got ones for sale for about 4 pounds that are pocket tasers and are disguised to look like a lighter or a lipstick or just small little tasers in general that are meant to be like a keyring or something. I know they have safety locks but yeah that's a good idea keeping a little taser in your pocket connected to loads of other bits of metal lol. Seen some that are normal sized but pretty cheap looking that are anything from about 7.99 too 12 pounds, think that's one of the ones that guy in the video got. I was going to get one myself too keep by my bed as have been lots of burglaries going on in the area but by the sounds of it if I did buy one and someone broke in and I used it on them I would get nicked too and not only that but I would get a longer sentence than the person who broke in.

  5. 8 years sentence so he should only serve about 2 if he can be good as any time on remand counts so that year should count as 2 and normal when sentenced you can get released after about half the amount of time of what your sentence is. Well that's if you are good inside and dont do anything stupid or at least don't get caught.


  7. To not have phones or cband just strip all cells just put a bed and toilet and do 2-3 searches a week and stop home parcels etc?

    Also i don't feel pity for the felon prisoners that do drugs and say they miss their family, "YOU" chose to do drugs and crime so you server the time ?

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