Death Row : Inside Indiana State Prison

Sir Trevor MacDonald ventures into one of America’s most infamous prison.
There he comes face to face with the men on death row to find out what it’s like to live under the looming shadow of their final day.

On this first part we meet an inmate that was able to escape the death row, see the prison barber shop where prisoners have a rare glimpse of normal life, and we meet a bright young man in death row due to a grave mistake he made at 13.

23 thoughts on “Death Row : Inside Indiana State Prison”

  1. I can't imagine wanting to work in a prison. Being in that environment all day has to get to you. It's a horrible energy. They make the choice to actually be there. It's messed up. The time there isn't much different than the prisoners. They're all in the same place

  2. How is the first guy on death row going to say his “19 year old self Was stupid, and that person is gone” BUT then says “i know I’m not rehabilitated..if i get out and get a job…get fired and can’t find another job..I’ll get a gun and get money”. Lmao what the???????? Ummm. Then dude. That 19 year old you isn’t GONE AT ALL! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. It’s kind of weird that they put the prison right on some nice beaches and sand dunes to go all the way around Michigan the northern part of the prison is the only area that is inhabited by sand or water as far as the outside of the jail perimeter goes. You could drive 10 minutes up the road and there ain’t nothing but people at the beach all day playing on the Sandune’s running up the hills jumping off of sandbars surfing spinning their cars around in sand, Everybody just goes there for a good time because it’s so close to here I will shit from right where I’m at in the Chi I could be there in 45 minutes.I could be in Indiana and 25 minutes and I could be in Wisconsin in 45 minutes. I just want to hear did that guy in the glasses suffered a horrible execution

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